Misophonia in adults


What is misophonia?

For people with misophonia, everyday sounds like chewing, crunching, or breathing can cause intense negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear or disgust. The condition can have a highly detrimental impact on daily life but is often poorly understood, largely because sounds that trigger it (chewing, crunching, etc.) are easily ignored by most people. Further information about misophonia can be found on our FAQs (frequently asked questions) and also on our page for parents and teachers. The science and treatment of misophonia is described on our pages for researchers and clinicians, where you will also find links to the NHS website (UK National Heath Service).

Download factsheet

People with misophonia sometimes struggle to find the appropriate support, so we have provided a downloadable factsheet about misophonia. This form is designed to be printed and shared with relevant professionals (eg. family doctor, student support office).


Can I volunteer to take part in research?

If you are an adult (18 years or over) with misophonia there are opportunities to take part in our ongoing research. Most of our research takes place via online surveys and tests, which you can fill out from home in your own time. See the Test Me page to join our research.